Courthouse News 1/18

Cass Co. Courthouse
    Dylan Kinkead, 23, of Beardstown pleaded guilty to the charge of obstructing justice. Kinkead was placed on 30 months probation, sentenced to 14 days in jail with credit for 14 days served, fined in the amount of $300 plus costs for a total of $1,772, and granted time to pay.
Courthouse News
    Bessa D. Bitie and Pingwende A. Tapsoba.
    Gustave Mukanda-Mukanda and Lajoie Yalawa-Yambokani.
    Mauselio M. Revolorio and Karen C. Revolorio.
    Larry E. Ratliff, successor trustee, Harrison R. Thornley, trust to Larry E. Ratliff trustee and trust - Sec22T17R9 - Sec29T17R9 - Sec20T17R8 - Sec29T17R8.
    Larry E. Ratliff, successor trustee, Harrison R. Thornley, trust to Marc A. DeMoss, undivided 1/6 interest; Laura Matthew, undivided 1/12th interest - Sec21T17R9.
    Betty and Ronald Eugene Clark to Esmeralda Figuerosa and Maria G. Cruiz Pina - Lot5&6Blk8 - P.M. Combes Re-survey.
    Beardstown Saving SB to Helario Gil and Norma Diaz - Lot7&8Blk82-Schl Comm Addn.
    Larry E. Ratliff, successor trustee and Harrison R. Thornley trust to Eleanor DeMoss and Barbara Kortiz undivided 1/6 interest - Sec29R17R8 - Sec30-T17R8.
    Sean McKinney and Heide Collins to Adriana N. Pence - Sec31-T18R9.
    Larry L. and John R. Shaner, co-trustees, John Herbert and Edna Mae Shaner, trusts to John R. Shaner trust and trustee - Sec9T17R9 - Sec8T17R9.
    Larry L. Shaner to John R. Shaner - Sec8&9T17R9.
    Larry L. and John R. Shaner, successor co-trustees, John Herbert and Edna Mae Shaner Family Trust to Larry L. Shaner, trust and trustee - Sec8T17R9 - Sec7T17R9.
    John R. Shaner to Larry L. Shaner - Se18T17R9 - Sec7T17R9.
    John R. Shaner, trustee and family trustee to John R. Shaner - Sec9T17R9.
    John R. Shaner to John R. Shaner, family trust - Sec8T17R9.
    Larry L. Shaner, trust and family trustee to Larry L. Shaner - Sec7T17R9 - Sec8T17R9.
    Larry L. Shaner, trust to Larry L. Shaner, family trustee - Sec8T17R9.
    Barbara Kortiz to Eleanor DeMoss - Sec21T17T8.
    Jeremy A. and Janna S. Wooley to Timothy C. Richards - Lot15 - Sudbrink(R.W.)Addn.

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“Jesus did not simply die to save us from our sins; Jesus lived to save us from our sins. His life and teaching show us the way to liberation.” (Rachel Held Evans, Inspired, p. 155)