Cass County Courthouse News

    Shannon Lamarr Tyler, Astoria,and Cassandra Lynn Wallace, Astoria.
    Brent Randal Lyons, Beardstown, and Racheal Nicole Metcalf, Beardstown.
    Glenn Elliott Petiet, Oakford, and Lisa Mae Hallmark, Oakford.
    Bruce Wesley Wilkenson, Arenzville, and Ashley Noel Lind, Arenzville.
    Jon Matthew Heller, Beardstown, and Mary Elizabeth McDaniel, Beardstown.
    Jacob Loren Dunmire, Loraine, Illinois, and Heather Renee Wilson, Loraine, Illinois.
    David Scott Sullivan, Beardstown, and Genna Elysabeth Knous, Beardstown.

    Sherri Lynn Nordsiek, from Gary Craig Nordsiek.
    Rebecca L. Holt, from David M. Holt.

Property Transfers
    Anthony G. Turaksy, Quit Claim Deed, to John J. Pennell for Lot 24 in E.E. Tyhurst The Farm in Section 20 & 21.
    Michael and Teresa Armstrong, Warranty Deed to Andrew W. and Chelsea A. Combs for Lands in the City of Virginia.
    Lynetta Blair, Warranty Deed, from Kelli Ann and Heath Alexander Turner for Lands in Section 5, T18R9.
    Francisco Fernandez, Quit Claim Deed, to Carlos A. Lopez Arellano, for Lot 6, Block 6, in March and 9 Beard Addition, Beardstown.
    Tina Gisa Fry, Quit Claim Deed, to Timothy Lee Kemp for Lands in section 33, T19R8.
    Kenneth Keithley and Joyce Keithley, Successor Co-trustees, Everett Keithley Trust, to Kenneth Keithley for Lands in Section 21, T19R8.
    Beardstown Savings SB, Lin Lin Oo, Warranty Deed to Moethee Zun, Lin Lin Oo, for Part of Lots 2 & 3, Block 46, March & Beard Addition, Beardstown.
    David E. and Janice K. Moran, Warranty Deed to Juan Villagomez Torrez, Edith Marilis Villogomez for Lot 5, Block 7, P.M. Combe’s Re-survey, Beardstown.
    Dana B. Lynn, Quit Claim Deed to Dana B. Lynn for Lands in Section 14, T18R10.
    Michael L. Vanhyning, Trustee, Michael L. Vanhyning Trust, Trustee Deed to Michael L.Vanhyning and Beverly J. Vanhyning, Trustees, Michael L. Vanhyning Family Trust, Beverly J. Vanhyning Trust, for  Lands in Section 35, T17R10.

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