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    Information as recorded in the Cass County Courthouse, Virginia.
    Austin Scott Flynn from Jennifer Ruth Flynn.
    Chasity Hess from Matthew Erwin.
    Steven Thompson from Sandra M. Thompson.
Property Transfers:
    Peggy A. Rink, Trustee, Rink Family Trust, Quit Claim Deed to Clinton Edwards and Mariah Leigh Theivagt for Part of Lot 8 in G.A. Taylor Addn, Beardstown, and Lands in Section 23, T18R12.
    John Gauer Merrihew, DMD, LTD Corp, WD to John Gauer Merrihew for Lot 6, Block 50, Sch Comm Addn, Beardstown.
    Connie McColez, Connie and Nolan D. Shireman, WD to Aung Min Tun and Zin OO Wai for Lot 1, Block 4 and Part of Block 2, Sch Comm Addn, Beardstown.
    Kenneth E. Keithley, Deed in Trust to Kenneth E. Keithley Trust, Kenneth E. Keithley Trustee for Lands in Section 21, T19R8.
     Sally E. Evans, WD to Zenaido Lopez for Part of Lot 6, Block 72, Sch Comm Addn, Beardstown.
    Ronald C. and Debra A. Aggertt, WD to Michael and Teresa Armstrong for Part of Lots 1 & 2, Block 41, Original Town of Ashland.
    Cass County Trustee, QCD to Paul G. Bunyon for Lot B, Lot 3 and Part of Lot 4 in H.T. Chandler’s Addn, Chandlerville.
    Karen Sue Blankenship, QCD to Fredrick M. Blankenship for Lands in Section 18, T17R11.
     Maria E. Larkin, Quit Claim Deed to Kevin Patrick and Maria E. Lakin for Lot 6, Block 75, Sch Comm Addn, Beardstown.
    Betty Jean Davidsmeier, QCD to Daniel E. Davidsmeier and Janet E. Bentley for Part of Lots 4 & 5, Block 2 in Meade’s Subd, Virginia.
    Gilbert Harbin, David L. Harbin AIF, WD to Linda Walker for Part Lot 2, Block 15, Subd Outlot 9, Arenzville.
    Aaron L. Freeman, Corrective WD to Brady and Joanna Lanoue for Lots 10, 11, & 12 in Lawndale Addn. Subd of Lots 5-6, Ashland.
    Delores Jean Sage, Executor, Edward Allen Sage Deceased, Executors Deed to Delores Jean Sage for Part of Lot 12, Barden & Woods Subd, Virginia.
    Bill and Deana Wooldridge, IL Dept of Rev, US Dept Treasury, IRS, Sheriff’s Deed to Petefish, Skiles & Co Bank for Lots 1, 2, 3 & 4, Block 9, Original Town of Philadelphia.
    Beardstown Savings SB, Sheriff’s Deed to Sylvia Florez Avilez for Part of Lot 4, Block 37, March and Beard Addn, Beardstown.
    Rosa Gil Pille, QCD to Mirian Gil Pille, Jose Luis Salguero Perez, Mirian Ille Gil, for Lot 5, Block 139,  Sch Comm Addn, Beardstown.
    Melissa L Rives, WD to Gary F. and Kendra Rynders for Part of Lot 21, Original Town of Chandlerville.
    Shawn F. and Amy B. Monger, WD to Damian Zuniga and Abigail Perry for Lot 12 and Part of 11, Block 145, Sch Comm Addn, Beardstown.
    Torie Denby, Colleen Flinn, Desiree King, Kenneth Bennett, QCD to Dennis and Cathy Smock for Part of Lot 9 and Lot 10, Block 64, Original Town of Ashland.
    James R. and Therese D. Dambacher, Deed in Trust to James R. Dambacher, Trustee, James R. Dambacher Trust and Therese D. Dambacher, Trustee, Therese D. Dambacher Trust for Land in Section 19, T18R9, Section 25, T18R10, and Section 30, T18R9.
    Sandra K. Janssen, WD to Kimberly D. Hultquist for Lots 6 & 7, Block 67, Original Town of Ashland.
    Sherry Gay Rea and Karen Ann Winkelman, Successor Co-Trustees, Fay A. Winkelman Trust, Delmos C. Winkelman Trust, TD to Sherry Gay Rea and Karen Ann Winkelman for Lands in Section 13 & 24, T17R13 and Section 19, T17R12.
    Dustin E. and Kimberly R. Schier, WD to Richard F. and Diana R. Lockman for Part of Lot 4, Block 59, Sch Comm Addn, Beardstown.
    Sherry Gay Rea and Karen Ann Winkelman, Successor Co-Trustees, Fay A. and Delmos C. Winkelman, Trust, TD to Ashley Nicole Hood for Lands in Section 24, 17R13.
     Kellan Phelps, WD to Dustin and Alexandria Turner for Part of Lots 4 & 5 in Tower View 3rd Addn 4 & 5, Arenzville.