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    Information as recorded in the Cass County Courthouse in Virginia.
    Mbid Rypol Kialungila from Mampia Valdoise Mwanabiele.
    Jennifer Kirby Guillou, from Thomas Carol Guillou.
Property Transfers:
    David V. Petefish, Warranty Deed to Mason D. Brue for Part of Lot 14, Barden & Woods Addn, Virginia.
    E & L Siding & Remodeling Inc, QCD to Zachary Frank for Part of Lot 4, Block 35, March & Beard Addn, Beardstown.
    Dana Lynn, WD to Terry & Judy Lucas for Lands in Section 13, T18R10.
    Doris L. Mallicoat, Quit Claim Deed to Mallicoat Family Trust for Lands in Section 20, T17R11.
    Carol A. Shutts, Carol A. Cox, QCD to Justin and Gary Savage for Land in Section 26, T18R11.
    James Rolf, Penny Rolf, Cathy Rolf, WD to Brian D. & Traci L. Rolf for Lands in Sections 20 & 21, T17R12.
    Donald W. and John C. Winkelman, Co-Independent Executors, Emily R. Winkelman Estate, Ind. Exec. Deed to Donald W. Winkelman for Lands in Section 5, T17R, Section 31, T18R9 and Section 32, T18R9.
    Garland L. Winkelman Deceased, James R., Donald W. and John C. Winkelman, Judith A. Nickels, Janette D. Clark, Juanita Sanders Estate, Jerry L. Sanders Adm, WD to Donald W. Winkelman for Lands in Section 5, T17R9 and Section 31 & 32, T18R9.
    John C. Winkelman, WD to Donald W. Winkelman, for Lands in Section 31, T18R9.