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    Information as recorded at the Cass County Courthouse in Virginia.
Marriage Licenses:
    Dylan Michael Conover, Virden, and Brandy Marie Kiers, Virden.
    Francisco Jose Garcia, Beardstown and Kimberly Esther Diaz Maldonado, Beardstown.
    Joseph Ryan Chandler, Beardstown, and Maria Elena Garcia, Beardstown.
    Ciprian Pedro Perez, Beardstown and Mayra Gil, Beardstown.
Property Transfers:
    John Bresnahan, Warranty Deed to Matthew Alcorn for Lands in Section 21, T17R12.
    James R. and Lucy E. Yost, WD to Michael W. and Phyllis A. Dour for part of Block 15, Sch Comm Addn, Beardstown.
    Charles E. Dickerson, WD to Cary Dickerson and David O’Keefe for part of Lot 1 in JH Stowe’s Addn, Virginia.
    West Central Bank, Corporate Warranty Deed to Gerardo Ruiz Cruzaley for Lot 8, Block 9, Havefluft & Ehrhardt, Beardstown.
    Nathan and John Gutman, Jr., Quit Claim Deed to John Gutman, Jr. for Lots 7, 8, 9 in Block 37, Original Town of Ashland.
    Carol J. and William Robert Robeson, QCD to Kelly Robeson, Jenna Leigh Vermillion and Robert Buss Robeson for Lots 48, 49, 50, 51 in Ravenswood Court, Beardstown.
    Roy and Adelaida Morris, WD to Estella W. Blake for Lots 14 & 15 in Block 7, Havekluft & Ehrhardt, Beardstown.
    Sharon L. Post, Gordon D. Post, deceased, QCD to Charles C. Rogers for Lot 29, EE Tyhurst The Farm Addn, Sec 28 (final plat #2).
    Brian D. Rolf, Traci L. Rolf, Steven K. Rolf, Cathy L. Rolf, James K. Rolf and Penny J. Rolf, QCD to James K. Rolf Trust for Lands in Section 8, T17R12.
    Keith and Margaret A. Rice, WD to Paul and Susan Rice for Lands in Section 25, T18R12.
    Alma Ilena Gomez, QCD to Lauro Alfredo Gomez Fuentes for Lot 7, Block 16, PM Combes Re-Survey, Beardstown.
    David L. and Nancy L. Rochester, QCD to David L. and Nancy J. Rochester for Part of Lot 25, HH Hall’s Addn of 1837, Virginia.
    Michael W. and Phyllis A. Dour, WD to Randy W. and Abby L. Perigo for Part of Block 10, Original Town of Beardstown.
    William Cross, WD to Mark F. Edlin for Lands in Sections 5,6,7 & 8 in T19R11.
    Glenn A. Miller, William Arthur Miller, Melinda Sue Orrill, Phyllis Arline Dour, Amy Katherine Rhoades, WD to Jeremy David Taylor for Lands in Sections 27 & 28, T18R12.
    Lynne C. Rust, Lynne C. Force, WD to Rupert William Parrish for Lot 10 and Part of Lot 9, HT Chandler’s Addn, Chandlerville.
    Benjie and Sandra Holmes, WD to Terry Holmes for Lands in Section 7, T17R10.
    Kathleen Roundcount, WD to Carolyn Jean Greve for Part of Lot 1 , Block 96, Beard and Ware’s Addn,  and Part of Lot 1, Block 85, Sch Comm Addn, Beardstown.
    Preston Newell, Preston F. Newell, QCD to Preston Newell Farms LLC for Lands in Section 31 & 32, T17R8 and Section 26, T17R9.
    Michelle R. and Todd R. Cline, QCD to Cline Sisbr LLC for Lands in Section 20, T17R8.
    Michele L. and Josh D. Bartels, QCD to Beverly Bugbee for Lot 13, Sylvester Paddock Addition, Chandlerville.
    Joseph J. and Brooke E. Merwin, WD to Bradley D. and Emeley A. Wankel for Lands in Section 2, T18R10.
    Margaret J. Hagloch, WD to Tammy J. Likes for Lot 133 and Part of Lot 132, Original Town of Virginia.
    Aaron L. Freeman, WD to Brady and Joanna Lanoue for Lots 11 & 12 in Lawndale Addn – Subd of Lots 5-6, Ashland.
    Frederick Hamm, Clerk of Cass County, Tax Deed to Cass County Trustee for Lots 8, 9 & 10 in Block 23, Original Town of Ashland.
    Clerk of Cass County, Richard E. Force, Robert Force, Sheila Kimbrough, Tax Deed to Cass County Trustee for Lot 3, Part of Lot 4 in HT Chandler’s Addn, Chandlerville.
    Clerk of Cass County, Etc Cust FBO K. Bachman IRA, Pip-West LLC, Tax Deed to Cass County Trustee for Lot 4, Block 66, Beard & Ware’s Addn, Beardstown.
    Cass County Clerk, Paul Bunyon, Tax Deed to Cass County Trustee, for Lot 104, Original Town of Virginia.
    Cass County Clerk, K ETC Cust IRA Bachman, Pipwest LLC, Tax Deed to Cass Count Trustee for Lot 1, Original Town of Chandlerville.
    Merle E. and Kathryn M. Lovekamp, WD to Susan Elaine Meyer, Vicki Lynn Meyer, Jill Annette Schnitker, Scott Alan Lovekamp, Bruce Eldon Lovekamp for Lot 3, Tower View Subdivision, Arenzville.
    Wilbert E. and Linda A. Griffin, QCD to Roberto Zuniga, Teresa Diane Zuniga, Roberto Zuniga Quintana for Lot 12, Block 144, Sch Comm Addn, Beardstown.
    Jack G. Bainbridge, WD to Corey Trammel, Dominic Durando, John Trammel, Michael Durando for Lands in Sections 19, 20 & 30 in T18R12 and Lands in Sections 24, 25 & 36, T18R13.
    Jack G. Bainbridge, QCD to Eric Chrzanowski, Michael Durando, Dominic Durando, Corey Trammel for Lands in Section 36, T18R13.
    Clover M. Donaldson, Independent Administrator, Kevin Lee Donaldson Estate, Idn Adm Deed to David B. Troxell for Part of Section 7, T17R9.
    Maria Lakin, WD to Angel Quintana, Jr., WD for Lot 2, Block 157, Sch Comm Addn, Beardstown.