Cass County Courthouse News

News from the Cass County Courthouse:

Divorce -

Christopher Lloyd Jarrett and Joshua Erin Sharpston.

Marriage Licenses-

Juan Villagomez Torrez of Beardstown and Edith-Marilis Chaidez Guerrero of Beardstown.

Shawn M. Lyles of Beardstown and Kirsta D. Burget of Industry

Matthew Ryan Smith of Jacksonville and Abby Lynn Clark of Virginia.

Jonathan P. Tarr of Loami and Aubrey Mae McCarthy of Auburn.

Property Transfers-

Linda Sinnock to Yuniel Rodriguez Castellanos & Roxana Mendeniz Ramirez - Blk 9-P.M. Combes Re-survey

Bill G. & Deana M. Wooldridge to Ronnie D. & Andrea D. Pherigo - Sec 1 T18R10.

MECCA Paramedics Inc. to Parlier AutoBodyInc.-Lot61&62-H.H. Halls Addn of 1837.

Cody J. & Brooke Hopps to Robert Fox - Lot 3- Sandidge Subd.

Debra S. Collis to Debra C. Collis, trust & revocable living trust - Sec 33 T18R9.

Jose Flores Buenaventura to Sebastain & Ashley Sanchez - Lot1 Blk 18-P.M. Combes Re-Survey.

Teresa Ann Severns to Charlotte Renee Holt - Sec 29 T19R8.

Dawn M. Hardwick, trustee & Donald D. & Dawn M. Hardwick trust to Kevin Mouser & Scheryl A. Roberts - Lot 22 Blk 4- Shady Grove Estates Subd.

Petefish Skiles & Co. Bank to Karen A. Bingham trustee & Gerogia L. Davidsmeyer trust Lot 114 H.H. Halls Addn of 1837.

Charles E. & Verna E. Stone to John Impson - Lot 19 - Original Town of Chanderville.

Cass County Sheriff, Brett Eli French to Beardstown Savings SB - Lot 1 & 2 -Sylvester Paddock Addn.

Roy E. Childres to Joy Walters Snellgrove - Lot 4 & 5 Blk160 - SCA.

Cass County Clerk, Gene Kuhn - to Cass County Trustee - Lot 1, 2, 3 Blk 120 - Original Town of Ashland.

Cass County Clerk to Shirley Ann Shive & John C. Schive - Lot 144, 145, 146- Original Town of Virginia.

Beth A. Jones, Glenn A. & Diana S. Verheyan to Guido Anibal Bron Garrido & Gladys E. Sosa Angomus DeBron - Lot 7 Blk 57- Schl Comm Addn.

Hilareo Gil & Norma Diaz to Will M. Tavarez Perez & Dayana Santiago Robles - Lot 3 Blk 31- Schl Comm Addn.

Scott M & Angela Flynn to Edith Urquiza & Sarahi Perez Herandez - Lot 8, 9 Blk 75- Schl Comm Addn.

Kendel & Abby French to Jesse & Nickki Pearce - Lot 1, 2, 3 Blk 138- Original Town of Ashland.

Wilson Bellegard Burgos to Juan Villafana Castanos - Lot 1 Blk 63- Beard & Wares.

Penny J. Rolf to Steven K. & Cathy L. Rolf - Sec 9 T17R12.

Seven K. Rolf to Steven K. & Cathy L. Rolf - Sec 9 T17R12.

Dennis & Debbie Lipely to Bradley & Laura K. Brooks - Lot 10 Blk 8-Exect of Francis Arenz.

Jenny L. Kleinschmitdt to Robert A. Butler - Lot 2- Outlots of Arenzville.

Rick & Linda Bunnon to Joel Wm. Kenney - Lot 6, 7, 8, 9 - Original Town of Ashland.

Tammie S. Heaton to Manuel & Angela Leann Rivera - Lot 7 Blk 57- Beard and Wares.

Brian L. & Heather M. Swan to Miranda Williams - Sec 33 T18R11.

John Korte executor & Merle John Arthur Korte to John Korte - Sec 5T17R11.

Sabina Torres to Edmundo & Alicia Bernal - Lot 1, 2, 7, 8 Blk 21- Original Town of Beardstown.

Lillian A. McCombs to Mary Ann Davis & Benjamin McCombs - Lot 1 & 2 Blk 80--Beard & Wares.

Richard Eugene Moss to Stanley D. & Teresa K. Hoffman - Sec27 T18R12.

Edward Lee Ross, Gilbert E. Krusie deceased to Glenn Shaver Tillitt, Jr. - Lot 1 & 2 Blk 123- Schl Comm Addn.

Julia J. French to Joshua P. Harmon - Lot 74- Original Town of Virginia.

Benito Luna to Dionicia Rivas Bellard- Lot 6 Blk 41- March & Beard.

Shawn E. & Beverly L. Stribling to Brandon E. & Andrea L. Stribling - Sec 9T17R8/

Kyle Edwards to Robert A. & Carol E. Trwxell - Lot 2- Outlots of Chandlerville.

David S. & Vickie F. Stone to Trace Ann & Brian Michael Johnson - Lot 32- Sylvester Paddock Addn.

Benjamin McCoy to Lowell McCoy - Sec 26 T17R12.

Debra June Porter to Michael W. Dambacher - Lot 93- Original Town of Virginia.

The First National Bank of Barry to Tommy L. Mefford - Sec 3 T17R10.

Robert Keith Fair to Jacob Robert Winnett - Sec 7 T17R9.

David D. & Sue S. Dotzert to Jacob A. Dotzert - Sec 36 T18R12.

Jeffrey & Lana Pfaffe to Caleb & Elizabeth Klauzer - Lot 3, 4 Blk 41- Original Town of Ashland.


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