Cass County Courthouse News 4/27

Courthouse News
    Sandra Michelle Mefford and Jonathan Sinclair Mefford.
    Alejandro Guijosa Soto and Juanita Guijosa.
    Lindsey J. Snyder and Edward M. Snyder.
    Annette Kinsala and Levieux Sayi Sakibanza.
    Mitchell A. Lillie and Mindy G . Lillie.
    Dean Allen Clark, Springfield and Jennifer Lyn Adams, Springfield.
    Benjamin Lucas Kassing, Beardstown and Leigh Ann Bright, Beardstown.
    Mark William Lonergan, South Jacksonville and Elise N. Gotschall, South Jacksonville.
    Alfonso Ramirez, Beardstown and Kimberli A. Sanchez, Beardstown.
    Caleb Bryce Jefferson, Bloomington and Karla Marie Leahr, Chambersburg.
    Earl Craig & Vicky Louise Stevens to The Red Owl LLC - Lot 3 Blk. 19 - Original Town of Beardstown.
    Casey A. Jenkins to Tiffany Kassing - Lot 62 & 63 - Public Grounds of Cass County Addn.
    Kevin D. Almonte Davis & Ana B. Hernandez Javier to Gerado & Maria Reyna Gasca - Lot 5, 6, 7, 8 Blk. 10 - Clendenin.
    Harold Eilers to Rebecca R. Sanders - Lot 8 Blk. 19 - K.H. Chandler’s Addn.
    Pine Bluff Corporation to Travis Glenn & Barbara J. Massie - Sec. 16T18R11.
    Cathy Duffie to James B. & Susan E. Campbell - Lot 5 & 6 - Beard & Wares - Blk. 104 - Schl. Comm. Addn.
    Ora Lee Campbell to Kathleen D. & Kimberly D. Smith - Lot 1 & 2 Blk. 41 - Original Town of Ashland.
    Luis A. Flores Colon to Luis A. Flores Colon & Luz E. Lopez Flores - Lot 38 & 39 - Charles Chandler’s Addn.
    Ida Mae Tucker irrevocable living trust to Michael Tucker - Sec. 30T18R11.
    Sue Kindred, Robert L. & Michael E. Coats, Cindy War, Deborah J. Herzog, Jackie Coats & Neil Harris to Jackie Coats & Neil Harris - Lot 2 Blk. 160 - Schl. Comm. Addn.
    Jeffrey Davis to MLS Trust - Lot 4 Blk. 37 - March & Beard.
    Yvonne E. & Michael A. Ogden to Brandon Ogden - Sec. 15T18R11.
    Tilden D. & Debra J. Lynn to Laci Rae Porter - Lot 46 - Original Town of Chandlerville.

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