Angela Scheer and Joshua Scheer.
Property Transfers
    Kenneth R. and Brenda J. Capps to Alan Mwimbi Mudimbiyi, Eveline Nayayikolo and Sarah Lubonzo Bipendu - Blk 38 -Schl Comm Addn.
    Cathryne Kaufman and Amanda Parish, In.Co-Execs, David E. Parish Estate t0 Nay Six Nanmoo - Lot 5 Blk 40 - Schl Comm Addn.
    Katherine E. Floyd Ind Exec and Rosalee Childers estate to Katherine E. and Terry A. Floyd - Lot 9 & 10 Blk 120 - Schl Comm Addn.
    Huge E. and Kristine L. Carlock to Ray Andrus - Lot 5 & 16 - Original Town of Chandlerville.
    Rusty I Thomas, Emiley E. Bobell to Makintyre Weatherby and Dianna M. Linker - Lot 9-County View Subdivision.
    Prairie State Bank & Trust to Marsaglia Properties, LLC - Sec 3T17$10.
    Betty J. Six, Sharon H.Dufelmeier and Bernard E. Meyer to Cory W. Meyer - Lot9&8BlkD - Original Town of Arenzville.
    Stephen J. and Douglas J. McCoy successor Trustees, McCoy Living Trust to Rogelio Gil Chora - Lot 23 - Sudbrink (R.W.) Addition and Lot 12-Ravenswood.
    Finney Enterprises LLC to SLC Enterprises LLC - Lot 51U52-Original Town of Virginia.
    Nathan A.Coufal to Sergio N. Perez - Lot 6 & 7 Blk 55- March & Beard.
    Brenda Kay Wildt Schaub to David E. Wildt - Sec 25T19R9-Sec36T19R9
    Greg Bergschneider to John M. and Vicki A. Todd - Lot 27 &28 - E.E. Tyhust The Farm 2nd Addn.
    Cass County Clerk to P-Tax Securities LLC - Lot 41- H.H. Hall’s Addn of 1837.
    Sandra Yeh, MD to Kane-Yeh Family LLC- Lot 4 & 5 Blk 11-Original Town of Beardstown.
    Steven L. Daniel to Steven L., Mary J. and Molly J. Daniel - Sec19T18R11.
    Jared C. and Abby R. Knous to Juan Carlos Merino Alcantar - Lot 4 & 5 Blk 146-Schl Comm Addn.
    Steve A. & Nancy J. Schnake to Jeffrey Davis - Lot 3, 4, 6- Blk 16-Originil Town of Beardstown.
    Thomas Michael and Deborah Jean Lael, trustees, Lael Revocable Trust to Juan Villagomez Torrez and Edith Marilis Villagome - Lot 8, 9, 10 Blk 10 - P.M. Combes Re-Survey
    West Central Bank Trustee-First State Bank of Beardstown Trustee to Trison Farm Trust, Drew D. Carls - Sec22T17R12- Sec 26T17R12-Sec 28R17R12- Sec 27T17R12.
    West Central Bank Trustee-First State Bank of Beardstown trustee to Trison Farm Trust, Steve A. Carls -Sec 31T17R12.
    Cass County Trustee to John and Kim Johnson - Lot 1 & 2 - Lot 4 &5-E.E. Tyhurst The Farm 2nd Addn.
    Cass County Trustee to John and Kim Johnson -Lot 11- E.E. Tyhurst The Farm 3rd Addn.
    Cass County Trustee to John and Kim Johnson -Lot 32 & 40-E .E. Tyhurst The Farm 4th Addn.
    Cass County Trustee to John and Kim Johnson -Lot 11 -E.E. Tyhurst The Farm  5th addn.
    Teresa A. Yates, Ind Admin. & Alivin Yates Estate - to Joshua A. & Christal L. Miller - Lot0-Glenwood Acres.
    Michael Finn to LeRoy and Edra Anderson - Lot 1 & 4 Blk 8- S.H. & J.A. Petefish.
    Courtney Sweatman to Brittany T. Troxell - Lot 69- H.H. Hall’s Addition of 1837.
    Rich & Lynn M. Josepher to John Nergenah - Sec 2T17R12


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