Council says ‘no’ to wine and beer liquor licenses

    The building and grounds committee and ordinance committee both met on Tuesday, Sept. 29.
    The ordinance committee discussed the possibility of issuing beer and wine only liquor licenses. However, most of the committee members expressed the opinion that allowing such licenses would encourage video gaming, which could detract from the local taverns’ business. If this could be avoided, most aldermen agreed they might consider issuing the licenses. The committee agreed to ask the city lawyer for ideas that would allow these licenses without allowing gaming.
    The ordinance committee also expressed concern over an incident in which public nudity allegedly took place at a Beardstown business. In order to prevent future occurrences of such behavior, it was suggested that an anti-nudity clause be attached to the current liquor-licensing conduct act requiring business owners to contact the police in this situation to avoid being held accountable for their patrons’ actions.

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