Council deals with trailers, manufactured homes, and TIF

    In the city of Virginia, a mobile home park may not operate as a mobile home park when its license has not been renewed since 2011.
    That was the message the city council had for Joe Henderson, the owner of the unlicensed mobile home park located on Virginia’s South East Street. Virginia requires mobile home park owners to renew their licenses annually. The license fee is $50.
    In asking the council to immediately grant him a license, Henderson told the council a trailer owner needs to move a trailer onto his East Street property by Friday, Aug. 14. However, Henderson learned that is not possible.
    Alderman Steve Clark, who presided over the council session for vacationing Mayor Steve Sudbrink, told Henderson he must submit a license application that meets the requirements of the city’s mobile home parks ordinance. The application process is spelled out in the ordinance.

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