The woes of a childless mother: adjusting to life as the parent of an absentee college student

    Greetings from the Ridge.
    Shelly said, “Freida, it was the worst mistake I’ve ever made. I should have lied.” She was home from her first two weeks of college and her mother had asked her an innocent question: “Shelly, what do you consider ‘home’ now? College or here?”
    The poor girl didn’t even think. She simply blurted out, “Well, college I guess.” She told me, “Freida, the look on Mom’s face. I didn’t realize what I’d said. It was like I’d slapped her. I’ve got to learn to lie.”
    All colleges now have some sort of orientation events designed to ease the new student into the swing of college life. Some of these programs last for weeks and more and more institutions extend this welcoming routine through the entire first semester. College is now a buyer’s market and I assume the schools will do about anything to not only enroll but also retain the freshmen. And of course most of them quickly send an email to the parents telling them how to send care packages to their college student. We do a dandy job of easing the college frosh into their new situation, but what about Mom?

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