Sorry, politicians, but you can’t scare me

    Greetings from the Ridge to all those who’d like to frighten me. I have a simple year-end message for you: Go bother someone else. Sorry, but you can’t scare me.
    The oldest trick in the political bag of lies is to fool us into thinking that the world is going to hell in a hat basket and the only way to avoid the Chicken Little fallout is to vote for them. Stalin tried it. Hitler gave it a go. It’s interesting to note that both of those guys are dead.
    Sorry, boys, but you can’t scare me.
    I was raised by a mother who would never fix fried potatoes or oatmeal at home when we were growing up because during the Great Depression that’s all her family had to eat. She swore she’d never chomp on another crisp tater or rolled oat again. Mom and her Greatest Generation not only survived those tough times but actually came out as better people possessing a character that’s yet to be rivaled in our modern demographic. You couldn’t scare Mama and you can’t scare me.

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