The many things we can do without

    Greetings from the Ridge.
    The comedian George Carlin did a famous routine about “stuff.” One of his best. George talked about our homes being filled with stuff, then when we decide to spend a week in Hawaii we need to decide what stuff to take so we put just the stuff we need into a suitcase and take off. When we land in Honolulu we decide to take a bus tour of the island but we don’t need all the stuff we brought so we stuff a little of the stuff we need the most into a carry-on bag. But the bus stops at a volcano so the tourists can take a look and we don’t want to take all the stuff in our carry-on to the edge of Mauna Loa so we take out our handbag and stuff just the stuff we need into that. The point being we’ve just got too much stuff and the amount of stuff we actually need is very little.

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