The many styles of ‘Meet and Greet’

    Greetings from the Ridge.
    A lady in church last Sunday mused, “You know, it’s nice having Christmas and New Year’s on Sunday. I really like it.” A young mother of three looked at her and shook her head. The young gal was in church so she had to be polite. This peaceful confrontation took place during our congregation’s weekly “Meet and Greet” time, which is referred to in other churches by various names including “The Passing of the Peace,” “A Moment for Fellowship,” and simply “Greeting.” It’s a rather new innovation in mainline churches... a time somewhere in the order of worship where folks can stand up and say hello to those in the neighboring pews. Herb and I have been to a variety of denominations over the years and we’ve found that these times in the bulletin fall into distinct categories. Like...

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