Let’s play a game of pretend

    Greetings from the Ridge. Let’s just pretend… just for a minute, okay?
    Let’s pretend that I’ve just spent ten or fifteen or fifty dollars for my seat tonight and let’s pretend that I’m sitting in the row behind you, then you decide to hold your phone camera up in front of my face to make a movie of what’s happening onstage. I lean right, you lean right, I go left and you follow. You no doubt have an app on your phone that tells you which way I’m heading. Let’s pretend that I don’t like this.
    This is fun! Let’s pretend some more! Let’s pretend that I’ve waited for months to see this concert or this play and that for once I got really good seats. But let’s pretend again that my seat is behind you when you can’t get your camera phone to work properly, so you turn to your wife and loudly ask if she knows how it works. I’ve already moved over one seat so I can see around your camera, and now after a prolonged conversation where you irritate everyone around you, Mrs. Bubba holds the camera in front of my face. Let’s pretend that this isn’t a nice thing to do. Just pretend.

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