A lesson learned in Sunday School

    Greetings from the Ridge.
    Sometimes our Sunday School class at the First Coonridge Church of the Semi-Denominational gets a bit out of whack and we got onto the topic of hell last week. The Bible is a bit fuzzy on its definition and in fact most of our visions of Hades come from literature and not the scripture, but it’s a darned fun thing to discuss as long as you’re not making travel reservations.
    So our teacher, Lola Briggs, asked us the question, “What’s your definition of hell?” We tried to carefully avoid looking at out spouses and finally Mina Leeke held up her hand. “I hate to get political,” she said, “but hell would be living one more day with Donald Trump as President.” I always try to avoid any discussion of politics in our Sunday School class and not because I think it’s out of place. I’m just outnumbered. Roy Talkington piped up and said, “My definition of hell would be to have Hillary Clinton as President!” Roy’s always doing that.

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