A lack of Halloween enthusiasm

    Greetings from the Ridge.
    I’ll admit that I’m less than a fan of Halloween. I’m not anti-spook, just sort of numb to the idea of dressing up and going door to door to teach little ones the fine art of extortion built into the threat of trick-or-treat. Yes, I know that it’s only a phrase and the chances of a five-year-old dressed as a Snow Princess blowing up my Honda just because I deny her a Kit-Kat bar are rather slight.  But this expensive holiday has in recent years become more popular in the adult age range, and looking at the hottest costumes of the year sort of gives us gauge of where we’re going and what we’re thinking.
    HalloweenCostumes.com ran out of Donald Trump wigs almost immediately; they restocked and sold out again. Star Wars and Jurassic World are leading the pack in movie themed outfits, while in the western part of our nation a flowerpot hat with a plastic marijuana plant, read: Pothead, is taking the party circuit by storm. I wonder where else you could wear these things when Halloween is over. It’s not like it’s a bridesmaid’s dress.

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