The joy of hunting mushrooms

    Greetings from the Ridge.
    Hank Blevins swore that he had a mushroom sniffing hog. He’d heard that in France they train pigs to sniff out truffles, and since morel mushrooms and truffles were both fungi, his American pig could be taught to wander through the woods and detect these most delectable of springtime foods. Of course, no one has ever seen Hank’s hog hunting. They’ve seen the pig... her name is Clover... and they’ve often seen the sack of mushrooms he’ll proudly plop onto the loafer’s table down at the coffee shop, but to my knowledge there’s not a soul who’s actually watched this fungi-sniffing swine in action. Several of Hank’s friends have asked to come along with him on a hunt, but Hank waves them off, claiming that company makes Clover nervous. “You put a crowd around her and she gets fidgety. You can see it in her eyes.” Aside from being the only person I know who can read a hog’s eyes, Hank is also one of the most prolific mushroom hunters in town, so maybe he’s to be believed.

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