The journey, not the destination

Greetings from the Ridge.
I can still smell the carpet. I’d plop myself down on the living room floor and gaze at the row of burgundy books, The American People’s Encyclopedia, drag one onto the floor in front of me and open up this book of wonders. I was looking for Hungary to do my fifth-grade social studies report, but what I found on the way to Hungary was more exciting than the country itself. Haycock, hummock, Halifax, hawkeye, huffcap... words spilling out on the carpet in front of me as I only half-heartedly searched for the subject of my report. And when Mom left the room I quickly flipped open the transparent overlays of “human anatomy,” the thrill of any young person’s evening. The encyclopedia was a wonderland of both knowledge and excitement and most of what was learned from it came from the search for something else. Anyone who’s spent any time in a public library knows that the things you stumble into while hunting for something else are often more rewarding than the subject of your search.