Inventions to put the fun back in flying

    Greetings from the Ridge.
    As summer creeps up on us we find more and more harried travelers edging their way toward the airports of our nation, and in case you’ve not flown lately, things have not gotten a bit more pleasant.  It astounds me that a technological establishment that comes up with quality of life inventions literally by the day has yet to develop a few simple doo-dads that would make our flight go smoother.
    Like the “Gut Selfie.” I have the plans already drawn for this one and here’s how it works: when that guy comes down the aisle of the plane with what he calls a carry-on but most intelligent travelers would deem to be a small tent and camping gear, then opens the overhead and begins to desperately cram and pack and jam the 80 pounds of blimpish material in the tiny space, several things begin to happen. His shirttail always comes out, his bare stomach protrudes into your seating space, and after a couple of minutes his pants begin to slip down due to the exertion. It’s at this point that an automatic camera will go off, flashing his flashing, and the picture will immediately be beamed to a screen over his head. For once he gets to look at what we get to see.

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