An interview with a flagger

    Greetings from the Ridge.
    Certain occupations fascinate me... the guy who rakes the pitcher’s mound between innings at Busch Stadium, coffee testers for Starbucks, window washers on cruise ships, the lady who calls you to ask why you missed your physical therapy appointment. These jobs may not be all that exciting to those who hold them, but they each hold a certain curious element, something out of the ordinary. That’s why I walked over to where the state workers were eating lunch and asked Jason a few questions.
    I’m not the nosy-newsy type who sticks her microphone into the face of grieving mothers or asks tornado victims how they feel, but I knew Jason’s parents and figured that I could sate my curiosity while he was finishing his pie. Jason’s a flagman. He corrected me. “We’re called flaggers. We took the sex out of the job.” I told him I wasn’t aware that there was sex in the job and he choked on a bit of pie.

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