The importance of seven minutes

    Greetings from the Ridge.
    It was one those PBS cooking shows... Master Cooker Something-or-Other. They’d gone inside a top-end gourmet restaurant to film the fast paddling of cooks feet under the surface of the water while the waiters tried to keep the duck’s head calmly floating with the customers. Front of house: smooth sailing; kitchen: the perfect storm. At some point in the taping a crisis of gastronomic proportions hit the headwaiter square in his waxed moustache. “No! No! Seven minutes! It must be exactly seven minutes!” The poor line chef looked at him. “It wasn’t my fault. I just put it out. The waiter delivered it.” Headwaiter turns to poor plain waiter:  “That was barely six minutes! It must be seven!” The terrified little waiter was trying to find a place to crawl into the floor. “I’m sorry. I did not have a watch.” Mr. Headwaiter sneered, “Seven minutes! You should have seven minutes in your head!”

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