Herb: a study in proper etiquette

    Greetings from the Ridge.
    For all his faults, and they stretch the length of my arm, husband Herb has some good things going for him. Above all the man believes in civility. Yes, he hollers and gripes and moans like a whiney child at times, but when it comes to public behavior the guy is delightfully a product of good upbringing. In public at least, he knows how to be a gentleman and has little tolerance for those who think and act otherwise.
    In Herb’s book, a hat is strictly for outside wear. When you come into a building the hat comes off your head... period. He’ll sit at the restaurant with the “boys” eating lunch and a fellow across the table will be wearing his seed corn hat, and it’s all Herb can do to keep from reaching across the table with his fork and flipping the thing to the ground. Herb’s philosophy is simple: you wear a hat to protect your head and there’s nothing in McDonalds or the Methodist Church that’s likely to drop onto your skull.

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