Helping out the wealthy

    Greetings from the Ridge.
    “Herb, could I borrow thirty thousand dollars?”
    “Sure. You want that in small bills or should I just write a check?”
    “I’m serious.”
    “Me too. Look in my billfold and if you can find thirty thousand bucks it’s yours, Freida.”
    “Not that it matters, but why do you need that much money?”
    “I want to help out a millionaire.”
    “Oh. Heck, why didn’t you say so? Make it sixty thousand. I’ve always had a soft spot for those folks in need.”
    There’s lots of good causes to snag our attention and pull at our pocketbooks, but the plight of the American millionaire is one that we’re apt to overlook unless it’s brought to our attention. Several states have considered instituting a millionaire tax, slapping an additional three percent on any earnings over a million bucks.

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