Helpful apps for the holiday season

    Greetings from the Ridge.
    Helen is my shopping buddy and sometimes she actually comes in handy. While I refuse to be sucked into the world of the iPhone she has hers permanently attached to her index finger. And although we haven’t actually made eye contact since she bought the thing, she’s guided us around traffic jams, into good eating places, and through some nasty weather with her collection of phone apps. As the Christmas season approaches I’ll no doubt consult my techno-friend when it comes time to buy the cheapest fuel, find out where the sales are today, and find my way home through traffic. But I got to thinking... with the holidays fast upon us, how about a few additional apps? Like maybe...
    The Smelf App. It’s often the custom in retail stores to have their employees don elf hats for the Christmas season. These are often accompanied by a small bell at the top of their pointy head, an accessory that must surely send them to bed with thoughts less jolly than eggnog ringing in their ears. But too often after a long day of harried shoppers, the look on the face of your checker sags like Santa’s belly. The Smelf App would guide you to stores where the elfed-out employees are actually smiling.

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