A handy guide for helping new graduates

    Dear graduate, greetings from the Ridge.
    As you sit in your plastic gown anxiously waiting for the graduation ceremony to creep to its long, hot conclusion, you might be puzzled by some of the phrases that you’ll no doubt hear spouted on the last evening of your high school or college career. Maybe I can help translate a few of these clichés for you. Just hide a copy of this under the hem of your graduation gown and refer to it as necessary.
    “This is not the end, just a beginning.” No, actually it’s pretty much an end. It’s an end to much of the emotional drama that soaks most high school hallways, an end to many hassles that come with public education. Of course, you’ll have all new hassles to take their place and with these new ones you’ll have less help. Excuses don’t count for much in the real world.

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