Grandfathers and the rule of law

    Greetings from the Ridge.
    My grandpa told the story to be true and any youngster knows that grandfathers never lie. He said that when he was growing up, they had a violent neighbor who was known for beating both his kids and his wife. Time after time they’d see the family come to town bruised and battered. According to Grandpa, “happened a lot in those days and the sheriff sort of thought it was wrong, but the normal course of things for some folks.” Then Grandpa shocked us a bit and said that the neighbors got together one night and killed the guy. Killed him! My grandfather then shook his head knowingly and said, “But you know, some folks just need killin’.” When I got older I inquired further of other family members. It seems as though the violent neighbor was found head down in his drinking well and the cause was listed as accidental, figuring the guy had gone outside at night to get a drink of water and fell into the well. What wasn’t listed in the report was the fact that the man had a chaw of tobacco in his mouth... not something you’d do at two in the morning. I guess the law enforcement authorities thought that in those days some folks just needed killin’. I thought it was notable that Grandpa and his two brothers were strangely gone from their house that night.


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