Fond memories of vacations gone by

    Greetings from the Ridge.
    “So... George Bush. Is he an evil man?”
    That’s the first question the young Russian student asked me when we sat down for coffee one night in a Moscow coffee house. He was referring to George the First and the poor kid had been fed such a line of propaganda that he was truly afraid that the elder Bush was going to blow up his city.
    It’s summer and that means travel for many of us. As I pore over memories of trips past I’m reminded not only of the wonderful sights, smells and sounds of the world, but of the remarkable people I’ve met and the questions they’ve asked me. I’d thought it was my job as tourist to be doing the quizzing but there’s been hardly a day traveling abroad when I’m not plumbed for a bit of information by someone from the country I’m visiting.

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