The Coonridge Digest

Reveling in the joys of alternative news

Greetings from the Ridge.
The object is to hit the bull’s-eye with
your ax. It started in Canada when a
couple of taverns provided the axes, targets,
and a few drinks. The trend caught
on and now it’s spread to the U.S. of A.
with hundreds of bars located in most
major cities now offering ax lanes, much
like bowling lanes where a customer can
walk up, choose his ax, get instruction
from a local expert and toss away.
A full service bar and restaurant in
Detroit offers 12 lanes. In the course of
the sport’s nine-year history only six minor
injuries have been reported, most by
picking up the wrong end of the ax.
A little silly? Maybe even bordering
on the ridiculous? You betcha, and
it’s just what we need right now. When
every click of the news dial brings another
round of tragedy, slander, outrage
or catastrophe it’s refreshing to run into a
sweet batch of silliness. Like. . .

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