Cheering up people on the telephone

    Greetings from the Ridge.
    I feel for some folks... really. I’ve been blessed to always have a job that got me out of the house and among flesh and blood human beings, but some of us have to spend our lives behind a desk fielding the questions and angry complaints of the rest of us on the telephone. Receptionists, secretaries, order-takers of all sorts are relegated to what must be a hum-drum existence with a phone jack stuck in their ear and more often than not their conversations are less fun than a call to Santa.
    As a part of my New Year’s resolutions I’ve decided to lighten the load of these folks, at least a bit. Some have responded with what sounded like a smile and others meet my foolishness with a sort of stunned silence. No matter their reaction, I plan to keep it up. For example...

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