Blueberry Soup and other odd foods

Blueberry soup. Didn’t even sound right, but I ordered it. The only thing that can overcome my hunger is my curiosity. In Sweden they call it blabarssoppa, a word that drives my spellcheck crazy, but in the St. Louis restaurant they simply called it “Blueberry soup,” so I ordered it and dug in. Blueberries, maple syrup, cardamom, cinnamon, and lemon juice. It tasted like... well... blueberry soup. I just assume that in Sweden they have way too many blueberries.
    Some foods just seem wrong at the inception. The Jack in the Box chain features a bacon milkshake. Some restaurants in the South offer buffalo-wing shakes. One of the most popular milkshakes in Japan is the Pancake Shake, and a San Francisco Bar offers the “McNuggetini,” mixing a McDonald’s chocolate shake with vanilla vodka poured into a barbecue sauce-rimmed glass and topped off with a McNugget. There’s also the sweet potato shake from Georgia, the pie shake from Tennessee (you choose your slice of pie and they put it into the shake), and folks in Asia and South America favor the avocado milkshake. Not to be outdone, several bars in Dublin offer up the “Guinness Shake,” in case you want to get drunk, then sleep it off immediately. Perhaps with some foods it’s best not to label and describe them because they just seem wrong at the outset.