The Blood-and-Blessings Mobile

    Greetings from the Ridge.
    A couple of disturbing surveys were released this week as I read that two vital pillars of our society take a drastic slam in the summertime. Once the hot weather hits, both church attendance and blood donations take a severe dip. Some studies show that the number of butts in pews decreases by as much as thirty percent as the dual sirens of golf and vacations take their toll on attendance, and some blood donation centers operate all summer with less than a day’s supply on hand. Last summer saw a record number of elective surgeries cancelled in the U.S. due to the lack of blood. The Red Cross needs 80,000 units available daily and this summer they’re operating on around 36,000.
    Herb and I try to hit both church and the blood drives. Herb hates being stuck with a needle, but the prospect of a sweet young nurse leaning over him as she puts the rubber ball in his hand and saying, “Now, could you just give me a little squeeze?” more than overcomes his fears. In fact, it once spiked his blood pressure so high that he had to take a chair and wait on me to finish. To my knowledge this has never happened to him while sitting beside me in church.

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