The benefits of using a land line

    Greetings from the Ridge.
    The two little girls sat on my sofa, carefully going over the various cookie choices. Every week seems to bring a new school fundraiser to my door and the kids in my neighborhood know I’m an easy touch so on some balmy afternoons they’re lined up on my porch. I scan the over-priced candles, greeting cards, and sausages, then give everyone an order. If the various state governors have their way then cookie sales may become the chief source of school funding.
    Just before the little gals left, one of them glanced at my coffee table and said, “Wow. My grandma had one of those!” She was looking at my telephone. “Is that what they call a land line?” I said, “Well, it used to be called a telephone. I guess you’d call it that, yeah.” She squinted at the thing. “But you can’t take it out of the house, right?” I told her it’d go as far as the front porch. Both girls agreed that it was “cool.” They’d have said the same thing about a Model T or a mastodon. I was tempted to escort them to the back bedroom where the real fossil, husband Herb, was napping, but didn’t want them to lose their cookies.
    Having a few minutes left before their mamas came to pick them up, they settled into the couch and asked me why I kept an “old” phone instead of using my cell. I’m glad they asked and since I’d now become the local Smithsonian for these little ladies I was glad to answer.

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