The annual talent show

    Greetings from the Ridge.
    It’s a tradition as old and storied as church potlucks and yearly prostate exams . . . each Midwestern town must hold its annual talent show, and Coonridge proudly and sometimes less proudly steps up with its own version. The senior divisions of talent shows have pretty much dwindled to nothing in the last decade. Perhaps we learn something as we grow older.
    This year’s semi-spectacle took place in the town park and it was a friendly affair. The performers onstage are always gratified, mistaking our swatting at buffalo gnats as a sea of friendly wavers. The local ministers take turns acting as masters of ceremony, the speaking order determined by the flip of a coin. The Baptist clergy opted out of the duty years ago deeming the coin flip to be a form of gambling so the job is pretty much left to the Lutherans and the Methodists.

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