Trivia Too: His ‘Star’ press pass opened many doors


my press pass that the Beardstown paper gave me years ago. With that pass, I have been able to meet All-Americans and Hall of Fame honorees in every sport. I can remember calling for a press pass and when asked what paper I was with, I said “Illinoian-Star,” and saying “Illinois” was all I needed. They never asked for the amount of the circulation or the size of the town. It gave this guy from a small town the opportunity that any sports fan would enjoy.
    It was on a rainy afternoon, and I was at the Masters Tournament in Augusta, thanks to a ticket from my brother, Dale. I was following Arnie Palmer when it started to rain, and the whistle asked everyone to leave the course. Arnie Palmer didn’t leave; he pulled a bright orange rain suit out of his golf bag, put it on, and stood leaning against a fence and talked with eight of us who had umbrellas. 

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