Trivia Too: In 1943, face time had a different meaning


I have tried to keep from talking about the terrible coronavirus and keep my columns on other items, but here I am in a nursing home, actually called a retirement home because it contains over 100 very senior citizens. We are now confined to our rooms. Starting today, we are not allowed to go get our mail. It will be delivered to our rooms. We have been able to play bridge with three others and now we can’t even do that. In the morning paper, I read that a Massachusetts nursing home now has eight cases and it can be spread so fast, so the management here is taking every precaution. They will deliver our meals and the staff are always to be wearing masks.
Just for something to do, I opened a file box to see what was in it and I found an album that was made on our 50th anniversary. It was held at the Elks Club in Beardstown in 1993. In looking through this album, the sad part was that so many people that were there have passed on. I came to the last page which was put together by one of my granddaughters and it told about everything that had happened in our 50 years from 1943 to 1993. She read this to us:
When you were married, Grandma and Grandpa, there were no televisions, penicillin, polio shots, frozen dinners, plastic containers and contact lenses.
• There were no Xerox, hula hoops, Century 21, and the pill was not known.

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