Yester Years

 10 Years Ago
March 2009
The new Beardstown Wal-Mart will increase from 54,962 square feet to 98,000’ and will open March 18th.  The new store will carry a full line of groceries and the company has made a commitment to support local food pantries.  A $5,000 check was presented to Joanne Anderson, head of the Cass County pantry.

20 Years Ago
March 1999
Chester “Chetty” Krieg, 72 of Virginia, died on March 3rd.

30 Years Ago
March 1989
Music for a Shamrock Dance for Virginia grade schoolers will be provided by DJ Reg Brunk.

40 Years Ago
March 1979
March 19 - Flood water against the Hager Slough, northeast of Beardstown, caused the intentional flooding of 8,000 acres of farmland.  The effort attempted to equalize pressure between levees, and was hoped to prevent erosion and breakage of levees as waters rose in Sangamon and Illinois Rivers to 26.8’.  Unfortunately rain continued and the levy broke on March 21st flooding about 14,000 acres.  More than 30 families took action to secure their homes and keep the “Thrill Hill” bridge from washing out.  The first house in the path belonged to John Lancaster, who hadn’t had water in his home since the 1943 flood, when he had 11” of water standing throughout his house.


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    Martin Luther writes in his treatise, The Freedom of a Christian, “I shall set down the following two propositions concerning the freedom and the bondage of the spirit: