Toys from Santa seeks donations

Toys from Santa (Santa’s Workshop) has been delivering Christmas cheer going on nine years to children in need. During the first eight years, well over 10,000 children received gifts at Christmas.
    As in the past, the number of children needing Christmas has grown each year; this year is becoming no different. This year Toys From Santa is a not-for-profit corporation within the state of Illinois. As stated earlier, the number of children needing Christmas is growing, and Santa needs all to open their hearts because Christmas delivery is only four and a half months away.
    Monetary donations can be made by either mail or by person at either the First National Bank, Beardstown, IL 62618, or Toys From Santa, 2355 McKendree Chapel Road, Meredosia, IL 62665 (217) 371-1931.
    We celebrate Christmas 365 days a year!


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