Researching school board issues

I have read, during the past few weeks, the concerns of two former Beardstown school board members. I have done a little research and recommend the citizens of the district do the same.
    The main issues deal with the hiring of a new superintendent, and pro-rating his salary so he can serve the district two months before the former superintendent retires. The story currently circulating is the new superintendent will receive $20,000 to serve the two months. The information I’ve been able to uncover is that, through contract negotiations and not funding the new superintendent’s insurance, that amount is only $500. But, as I stated earlier, do not take my word for it, check it out yourself. I have requested documents and records from the April 20 meeting. The board office has been very cooperative with my requests. I hope to have many other items in the near future.
    Another subject raised was the way the meeting was conducted. The individual cited the Board President as verbalizing a “tirade”. I am trying to get the audio recording to accurately evaluate that claim. My research so far indicates that the Board President was trying to rein in a meeting that had degraded. Former Boards have allowed free discussion to take place, and that is not the proper way to conduct business; according to Roberts Rules of Order. The Board allows for comment or question of a length of three minutes. Some are allowed a little longer as a courtesy by the board. Attendees should adhere to the rules to ensure proper order. If respect is given, it can be expected.


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