Gardner’s Syndrome affects family

My 27-year-old daughter, Aileena, is a wife and mother of three little boys, and is currently in need of a triple organ transplant. We were recently told public aid would not pay for the operation.
    Her husband is a veteran of the Air Force, and a furloughed railroad employee. Until last fall, they had insurance. My daughter worked full time until becoming ill while pregnant in December, and was no longer able to work. The family would otherwise have their own insurance.
    Aileena has Gardner’s Syndrome; a collection of symptoms that include various types of tumors, cysts and polyps. While pregnant, a large tumor was discovered in her abdomen. Her care was transferred from Springfield to the Chicago area, where she was treated in the past as a child. The thought was long-term care for her during the pregnancy, and neonatal care. The baby was born two months early due to her health. He is progressing well, although still in NICU.