Gardening activities in August

August is right around the corner, and by the time you’re reading this it may well already be here. There are still gardening activities that we can do in August, one of which is relaxing and enjoying our gardens!
    Continue to water all your plants, especially when we aren’t getting any rain. Drought puts stress on plants, and even large mature trees benefit from supplemental irrigation. If we aren’t receiving a ½ to an inch of rain each week, plan on pulling out your hose and give your shrubs and trees a drink of water. A long, slow, soak is better than a short, quick one as you want to ensure to water deeply to reach roots that are further down then just at the very surface.
    If you have Bearded Iris, Bleeding Hearts, Oriental Poppies, Phlox, or Peonies that you have wanted to divide, August is the time to do so. Dividing and replanting in August gives the plants enough time to establish in the ground before winter. Dividing plants is a great way to share plants with friends and fellow gardeners.

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