Freedom: What binds you?

This week’s article once again focuses on freedom. During this month of July, the Focus on Faith column has considered freedom in respect to God. The first week, we considered how freedom with God is actually following his rules. Last week, we considered how this freedom is not so much for ourselves, but for our neighbor.
    This week’s focus is not freedom relating to our behavior and moral conduct, but rather freedom from the forces of this world. When we think about freedom, we must also think about those things that hold us captive—the things that take away our freedom. There are many things in this world that bind us up, that try to rule over us, and that try to oppress us.
    There are many dark forces in this world that run rampant and try to bind us. Right now we see the forces of prejudice, hatred, divisions, and violence. Anger seems to be tightening its iron grip on us. And we may think that we would be freed from these things if we spout off whatever self-righteous tirade is popular for the moment.

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