Freedom: The Kingdom of God

During this month of July, I have been writing about freedom and God. Freedom is something we value highly in this world. Freedom is also a great gift from God. But the freedom of this world and the freedom of God differ in some ways. In this final article for the month, we come to the final conclusion about God and freedom.
    In the end, ultimately, we are truly free when God completely and autonomously rules over us. At first, we may object to being completely under the rule of another. We want to assert our own autonomy and rule our own selves, but in the end our freedom comes when we are fully bound to God’s authority.
    Here now we see the great difference between earthly freedom and freedom with God. In this world, to be ruled by any other person is to lose your freedom. Being under the authority of someone else limits and binds you. This is because people are always corrupted by their selfish desires.

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