Forgiving trespasses

Gloryl Parchert, a wonderful lady and a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ, died at the age of 92. I met Gloryl on a Walk to Emmaus weekend, and we had a wonderful conversation. Little did I know that I would be her pastor one day.
    When I became her pastor, and got to know her even better, I became aware of the many difficulties she had overcome (with the help of God, as she always reminded me). I was reminded of the Biblical characters of faith such as Abraham or Job; her focus throughout her life remained on Jesus Christ.
    I visited Gloryl on numerous occasions. On one occasion, however, after reading a portion of Scripture and making several comments on it, I prayed. As I was about to conclude my prayer, I invited Gloryl to join me in praying the Lord’s Prayer. I was then all set to say my goodbyes and leave; not realizing another half hour would elapse before I would get the chance to.

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