Ethanol vs. Diesel: which is better?

First, I would like to thank Darin LaHood and his father for helping me with problems I have encountered over the years. They were successful in helping me with some difficult issues.
    However, after reading about Darin’s visit to Virginia, I am prompted to ask Darin about how dependence on foreign oil can be reduced by using crop foods to convert into ethanol? I was a former fuel specialist while serving aboard a High Endurance Coast Guard Cutter. That Cutter carried on board 250,000+ gallons of Diesel fuel, in addition to several thousand gallons of JP-5, several hundred gallons of gasoline, and several hundred gallons of lube oil for the engines. I was sent to a fuel handlers school, compliments of The United States Government. While at that school, I learned that Petroleum Oil is NOT a fossil fuel. The vast majority of fossils displayed at museums were found at relatively shallow depths, above sea level. The vas majority of Petroleum Oil wells are found hundreds (if not several thousands) of feet below sea level.
    At this school, I learned other things about Petroleum Oil, including how it is broken down into Gasoline, Kerosene, Diesel, JP or Jet Petroleum fuels; including JP-4, JP-5, and JP-8. I also learned about the flash points in which the ignite into fire, specific gravity, viscosity, and even the lubricating and cooling properties of said fuels. I left that school with a good working knowledge of liquid fuel energy.

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