Behind the Garden Gate

Fun to watch the ducks

I watched a diving duck Sunday morning. I wonder why only one comes. At first, I thought it was the scout for some more, but not. There was also a pair of woodies along with the messenger duck. Fun to watch.
I had a visit Friday from an old friend from market. He used to buy plants and wanted me to start plants for him in my greenhouse. He came for pots this year since the greenhouse is out of commission till the boys can get it repaired. He told me about his sister who likes to read the column, so “hi” to Eldon’s sister!
He’s going to start watermelon plants. That will be a while. They like warm nights and hot days. According to the farm report this week, it’s still going to be mostly cool during April.
My youngest son is going to try to get my raised bed done. He got his wife’s done. I want more than one but I know he’s busy. I’ll take whatever I can get and be glad. I just want my fresh tomatoes for sure.
I need to try walking out to the asparagus patch. I can see green coming up (probably weeds), but I want to see if my son’s burning it off is going to be good. If weeds, I need to get after them right away.


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