Classes team up for courtyard project

    When you have been out of high school 50 years like Mike Massie, an attorney in Knox County, you begin to think about how it was at your graduation and how times have changed and what you can do to help the young folks facing a career choice. At least that’s what Massie, Beardstown High School Class of ‘65, thought about so much he decided to put a plan together and call upon some of his classmates.
  His thoughts became a reality on Sunday, April 26, when project Tiger Pride volunteers and members of both the classes of 1965 and 2015 got together to begin a project in the commons area which began with brick laying. The end result will be a courtyard for students. The $20,000 dollar project is being funded by donations that are made payable to the Beardstown Student Council and can be sent to June Carls Conner, Class of ‘65, 1906 Jackson Ave., Beardstown, IL 62618.

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