Chandlerville, CRWD continue to negotiate

    Cass Rural Water District will release Chandlerville from the 2004 water purchase agreement. That was the message attorney William Siders (of the Grosboll, Becker, Tice & Barr law firm representing Chandlerville in its negotiations with CRWD) presented to the members of the board at last week’s meeting.
    That agreement became the subject of a recently concluded, long drawn-out lawsuit between Chandlerville and Virginia. It was originally concluded between CRWD and Chandlerville, but CRWD later assigned its rights to Virginia. In negotiations over a planned CRWD water line project near Chandlerville, a release from that agreement has been the main objective for Chandlerville.
    It is a concession CRWD has no reservations about granting, and Siders quoted CRWD’s attorney Bradley Wilson on this point: “Cass Rural Water District has no interest in that old agreement whatsoever.”

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