Chandlerville, CRWD come to an agreement

    The object of the lengthy negotiations between Cass Rural Water District and the village of Chandlerville was finally reached last Wednesday night at the October meeting of the Chandlerville board as that board voted to allow CRWD to service rural customers within one mile of the village limits.
    Lengthy negotiations became necessary as a result of hard feelings left over from a long-running lawsuit by the City of Virginia against Chandlerville stemming from the regional water project that CRWD was also a part of. During the litigation, CRWD assigned its contract with Chandlerville to Virginia to avoid being entangled in the litigation, but the move provoked antipathy from members of the Chandlerville board towards CRWD.
    Chandlerville’s principle objective in the negotiations, being released from the water contract that was the subject of the lawsuit, was granted readily by CRWD, and questions for CRWD board chairman Jeff Cosner and attorney Brad Wilson focused on the potential rural customers themselves.

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