The Venture Bros.: An Overlooked Cartoon Gem

By Ethan McIntyre
Cartoons are, for whatever reason, traditionally thought of as a medium for children. While many of the most prominent cartoons have, historically, targeted a young demographic, there are a large amount of cartoons that are aimed at older audiences.
The most famous examples, of course, are Fox’s long-running and iconic The Simpsons and Comedy Central’s raunchy and satirical South Park. There are lots of others - Futurama, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and so on - but there’s one in particular that I feel deserves much more attention than it gets.

A Fragmentary Passage: A Promising Preview of Kingdom Hearts III

By Ethan McIntyre
    The final Kingdom Hearts compilation, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD ReMIX Final Chapter Prologue, released last week exclusively on the PlayStation 4. The compilation included a PlayStation port of the 3DS game Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, an hour-long animated feature based on the cell-phone game Kingdom Hearts Unchained X [chi], and - most enticingly - an entirely new gaming experience.

Green Lanterns #15: A Day in the Life of Jessica Cruz

By Ethan McIntyre
    Green Lantern has always been one of my favorite superheroes. The thing about Green Lantern, though, is that several people have borne the identity over the years, and I’ve never had a favorite among them.
    Once I began reading comics (rather than just watching the cartoons and movies based on them) Hal Jordan started to become my favorite, with John Stewart close behind. However, fairly recently, a new Lantern emerged.

Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events, Season One

By Ethan McIntyre
    Growing up, I read a lot. One of the series that I was particularly fond of was A Series of Unfortunate Events, by Lemony Snicket (actually by Daniel Handler, writing under a pseudonym).
    A Series of Unfortunate Events is the bleak tale of the three Baudelaire orphans, whose parents have recently perished in a fire. The trio of children are placed into the care of the villainous Count Olaf, a despicable man who is constantly scheming to get the children’s enormous fortune (which the oldest child, Violet, will receive on her 18th birthday).

Great Video Game Soundtracks: Kingdom Hearts, Mass Effect, and Legend of Zelda

By Ethan McIntyre
    One aspect of video games that is often overlooked is the soundtrack. People will often talk about a game’s combat, puzzles, or plot, but the music is rarely discussed.
    However, music is just as important in a game as it is in a movie or television show. Music can set a scene, communicate a character’s feelings, or get a player’s blood pumping during a climactic battle.