Being tested by the bad weather

    I wonder why I'm being tested. I can't get in the gardens because of too much water, and so I can't pull weeds in order to find the vegetables that were planted and are growing. I can only hope the three rows of onions aren't rotting. I can see that bugs are eating on the brussel sprouts, but I can't even see the cabbage, okra, eggplant, or cucumbers. The weeds are taller than the veggies. I did get the green peppers hoed before the rains came, so I can see them. The weeds are coming up through the straw in our tomatoes and corn. As I was checking out the corn I noticed the Japanese Beetles are there. I checked out the blackberries, but so far no beetles there. As I went out through the orchard to pick blueberries, I noticed the peach tree that was loaded; each peach had brown spots and a white syrupy substance oozing out of them. Now I have to knock every peach off and destroy them. We have an apricot tree that needs to be cut down also, it has the same condition that the pear tree had that had to be destroyed and cut down. I can only think how bad it would be to be in California, burning up, or in Texas, flooding. Trying to keep a prospective mindset on the conditions we're all facing.

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