Beardstown Ward 2 Alderman profiles

Katherine (Katie) Vitale
1208 State St., Beardstown

Being a Mom, helping with the day to day operations at Benny's Pizza

Incumbent - Serving since May of 2007

    The largest issue facing the City of Beardstown is the infrastructure of our sewer system.  We need to secure funding for these repairs sooner than later.  I will work hard to help solve this issue affecting Beardstown.
    My goals if re-elected Alderman are to work with the City attorney to make stricter laws for burnt out buildings.  I will also work with the ordinance officer to clean up the unsightly areas in the community.  I also look forward to securing the funding for major sewer improvements.

Richard Armstrong
206 E 5th St., Beardstown

Unemployed at present

    I believe that we need to see changes within our community. In ward 2, most residents within this ward I have spoken with have asked who the aldermen are.  I believe that to help the people within this ward, they should know who both aldermen are and be able to get in contact with them if needed.
    Another issue is the problem of dogs running loose, which can become a safety issue if someone gets bitten. Ordinances in regard to this should be enforced.
    If elected my goals will be to make sure the people of Ward 2 know who their alderman is and listen to any concerns they may have. If requested I will bring up issues on their behalf during meetings and try to the best of my ability to help them in any way possible to get the things done that they bring to my attention.
    One promise I can make the residents within Ward 2 is that I will fight to make our ward better for them to live in.

Tim Harris
 1215 Monroe St.,

Cass-Schuyler Public Transit

    Based on my observations and listening closely to Beardstown residents, I believe most of the issues facing the council stem from failure to cooperate with the mayor, department heads, and each other. This results in little, if any, progress toward improving or even maintaining the quality of representation the citizens of Beardstown deserve.
    There are many examples of this, one being the run-down, burned out, and abandoned buildings in town. They are not only an eyesore, but possible safety hazards. By allowing these conditions to continue it is hard to expect others to follow the codes and requirements. The longer the codes and requirements go unenforced, the greater the problem becomes. It needs attention and action now.
    Another example is the mayor making the final decision on hiring and firing of department heads. Regardless of who is mayor, this should not be allowed to continue. All appointments and dismissals should require joint council and mayoral approval.
    In addition, wages, benefits, and conditions of the job should be made available so all parties know what is expected and required. This should include but not be limited to appropriate training with legitimate verification for themselves and their employees while maintaining a high standard of performance. Violations or requests should be reviewed by the mayor and council, then acted on without unnecessary delay. The city of Beardstown is fortunate to have many exceptional employees. These recommendations will help ensure that we keep these people, and they are not at risk of losing their jobs based on one person’s decision.
    My goals as councilman are to represent everyone equally and help restore the public’s faith and trust in their elected officials. When I leave office, I want to look back and see improvements that are long-lasting and not just short term, getting by day-to-day quick fixes. These are realistic goals that can be accomplished.
    A vote for me for alderman will be a vote for change.

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